About us
We are creative trio: photographer, makeup artist and stylist. It's been a long time since we decided to work together as one big whole. Our motto is quality.We can only perceive our work as finished when our client is happy with the final result.

We have great capabilities to offer for prestigious project: the most talented in Moscow fashion designers, bodyart artists, decorators, sculptors and models can do their best for you. Also, we can easily create a studio at your venue with prоfessional Hensel lighting and different photo backgrounds.

Photographer Valeriy Bondarenko:
Every person who I worked with gave me an important and unique experience which I appreciate the most. My purpose is to bring forward your inner potential in a comfort way so that you would feel constant support and feedback from me.

Every small detail starting from decorations and finishing with emotions are under my scrutiny. After retouching every photograph attains it own style.

Makeup artist Elena Budovnits:
Human face can be in some way compared with a canvas. You should be very gentle and accurate with it. Every stroke made with precision brings forward its natural beauty. What comes next as a reflection of that beauty is of course spirituality.

Apart from basic makeup, I have enough skills to create anything at your request including 30s, 60s, Monroe style etc. Hairstyling, movie special effects (like scars, wounds, blood etc.) are also possible.

Dress stylist Ekaterina Kim:
I insist you forget about fashion trends and first of all choose the dress that fits you the best. I respect my clients and never try to impose my taste upon theirs. At the same time my honest opinion is always on my mouth.

What is the most important for me is to accentuate the true individuality of each person and make him more confident about himself. I grant him with the basic skills which woud help him to make self-reliant decisions and construct its own unique style.

Depending on the clients request, I may assist with sorting out his current dress collection to keep it well combined adn up-to-date. Shopping together with useful tips is also possible.


Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Mamiya RZ67 Expert Pro II
Set of Hensel lightings
Filters and special equipment
Photo backgrounds